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My Story.

It began years ago in a tiny church one evening. I felt the Lord telling me to quit my job. I had launched several ministries at this point in my life. A sports ministry that was reaching nearly a thousand athletes and a worship ministry that was filling arenas. But something (God) kept nudging me to take a larger step of faith. With no promise of the future expect an undefined, albeit blurry dream, I quit my job and pursued what I could only call, my GOD DREAM. 
Years later, that step of faith turned a guy who nearly went bankrupt into a speaker and artist who would travel the world sharing Christ with over one million people. Looking back, it humbles me to see the places around the globe God has taken me. I have met so many people who have not only enriched my life, but become lifelong friends. 
Nowadays, my passion is to be a ministry catalyst on and off the stage. Empowering people to step into their GOD DREAM, launching them into the world where they truly come alive. 

Eliminate the Guesswork. 

You don't have to guess when it comes to the dream God has placed in your heart. I've created a "success path" that keeps your eyes on Christ while breathing life into your dream and making it a reality. 

Trust me when I say, you will never be more alive than when you are doing the ministry God created you to do. 

  • Recapture your dream of serving God and doing something significant with your life. 
  • Crush the fear and anxiety of not knowing where to start. 
  • Set your sights on the things that truly make you come alive. 
  • Get inspired and equipped to move forward and feel like a rocket ship ready to launch. 
  • Be awakened by what the Bible says about your gifts, talents, dreams and ultimate purpose. 


I've always been one to push outside the box. After years of ministry I am still humbled by the idea that God could use an imperfect, cracked vessel like me. But that's God. He takes our brokenness and turns us into His masterpiece. 

- Bob Upgren


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