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Trying to Start or Grow a Ministry Can Feel Overwhelming

If You Don't Have a Plan...

  • You may never fulfill the calling God has placed on your heart

  • You waste time chasing ideas that don’t move the needle

  • You operate in a constant state of trial and error 

And that leads to the frustration of feeling constantly overwhelmed. We don’t want that for you. God Dream University has given countless Ministry Leaders a plan to pursue their calling and have fun doing it! 

Our plan will work for you too.

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How Does the GDU 4-Step Plan Work?

With over thirty years of ministry experience, we've discovered 4 essential elements needed to both launch ministries and further accelerate ministries already changing the world. Our Core Content partnered with accountability, collaboration and tactical leadership tools are what truly makes GDU so effective.


This is where you LEARN TO DEVELOP your ministry. Immediately you will have access to a curriculum with 37 videos and teachings designed to help launch or accelerate your ministry.


ACCOUNTABILITY is absolutely key to your success. That's why at GDU we believe strongly in providing 2 LIVE teachings each month for Q&A and additional fundraising ideas. 


This is where you SHARE & COLLABORATE with other ministry leaders. You'll never be alone again in your journey of developing, starting and growing your ministry.


These are specific teachings to GROW AS A LEADER. The Leadership Vault is chock-full of the best leadership ideas and tools I've learned over the years and it's yours for the taking. 

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Set Your Ministry in Motion


Our monthly membership gives you access to all our on-demand courses, twice a month LIVE calls, the Leadership Vault and private FB community.


Go through the GDU online course at your own pace and know we are there for you LIVE twice a month to answer questions and keep the ball rolling!


Our curriculum and mentorship are second to the Lord's favor on your ministry. The ultimate joy of developing your ministry is to watch God work!

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"The content is invaluable to any in almost anything they're going to do. I watched in 8 weeks people go from an idea to "Okay, I'm ready." 


"I was able to take my ministry from a free program to a 6 week session that generated over $2,000!" 


"The training enables you to have a turnkey system" 




"GDU gives you the tools and understanding of what you need to put everything in one cohesive unit. One nuance saved our church over $6800." 

Mitch & Heidi

"You were able to build that foundation for us, we are able to launch from... with confidence!" 



"You brought me to another level Spiritually"



Most Ministry Leaders Don't Have a Plan They Feel Confident In

As a Ministry Leader, sometimes it feels like you have to be everything to everyone. Making the pieces of leadership, faith, promotion, strategy and financial sustainability all come together can often times be exhausting to think about.

God Dream University exists to eliminate “ministry overwhelm” by giving you a simple plan you can follow to launch your ministry and help it reach its full potential. We want to be the trusted partner you can count on when it comes to starting and growing your ministry. That’s why we made our 4-step plan easy to implement. Our prayer is the GDU community simplifies the pursuit of your calling so you can focus on the parts of your ministry that you need to focus on.

Join God Dream University

God Dream University

  • Immediate access to the complete GDU Online Course with over 35 videos to get the ball rolling
  • (2) LIVE Teachings per month 
  • Access to the GDU Leadership Vault to receive additional trainings 
  • God Dream University Community Hub to access content at your convenience.
  • Private Facebook Group to interact with other GDU Leaders on the same journey


  • You have an idea for a ministry but don't know where to start.
  •  How to develop a name for your ministry.
  •  A simple way to write mission and value statements.
  •  How to explain the idea that’s in your head and on your heart.
  •  How to determine who your ministry serves.
  •  How to set up your ministry to change lives.
  •  What tech tools to use for your ministry.
  •  How to talk to people about your ministry.
  •  How to promote your ministry and have fun doing it.
  •  How to get a ministry logo for $5.
  •  How to build your ministry on a biblical foundation.
  •  How to determine a price for your ministry service if one is offered. 
  •  What the Bible says about the dream God is giving you. 
  • How to set up a website?
  •  What role does social media play in your ministry?
  •  How to legally structure your ministry.
  •  Determining for-profit versus non-profit structures.
  •  How to setup a 501(c)3.
  •  How to draft Articles of Incorporation.
  •  Where to get your Tax ID Number.
  •  How many board meetings per year.
  •  How to write a board meeting agenda.
  •  How to find a good accountant.
  •  How to write an email campaign that invites people to participate in your ministry.
  •  How to handle insurance needs.
  •  How to handle money with integrity.
  •  How to write a fundraising letter in 10 easy steps.
  •  How to structure a three tier sponsorship proposal.
  •  How to build a Board of Directors the right way.
  •  How to create an email list and which email providers are best?
  •  Can my ministry be an S-Corporation?
  •  What job title you should use as founder of your ministry.
  •  How to clearly explain your ministry to people so they understand what it does.
  •  The difference between a passion and compassion ministry. 
  •  How to serve people practically and spiritually.
  • and so much more!
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